How to increase your Willpower

 How to increase your Willpower

Willpower is the ability to make concsios choics, We all have free will and make our one choics
Flowers do not have will animals have a degree of will humans have more,simplybecause they are better at thinking .

A person with strong willpower, will not give up easily, Even in face of strong opposition ande advers conditions.
A person with a littel willpower will give in easily

Dandapani Says : 
Willpower is like your mentale muscle. Everytime your awereness wanders you use that mental muscle to bring your awareness back into the present.

3 Ways to devlop your willPower

1- Finish Waht you Begin

2- Do it better than you think you an 

3- Do a littel bit more than you think you can

Willpower comes from practice by developing little habits :

1-Making your bed in the morning

2- eating your breakfast and washing the dishes

3-Keeping things where they were after usage

4-doig one thing at a time

credit by : sankalp.kumbhar

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