What's the reason to liying ? good side

What's the reason to liying  | 8 side

We as a human being tend to lie. Sometimes for good reason and sometimes for not so good reason.
It has good side as well as bad one

The Good Side to lie

1. Avoid punishment :

who is excited about admitting something that they know that we are going to be punished for ?

2. avoid embarrassment:

You see this a lot in social anxiety.

People imagine what others are thinking about them

3. Wish Fulffilment:

They make a story, or make somthing up that they wish they were true

4. To manipulat:

Pliticians Will tell People whatever they need to in order to secure their vote

5. Protect Loved Ones :

Many people will lie for a family member, Close friend, or Partner in order to protect others perception of them.

6. Self Esteem :

You make lie to maker yourself appear better or you might tell a lie to make someone appear worse.

7. Fear of rejected :

When you meet new people you try to Get approval or validation from them in order to get accepted by them.

8. Fear of loss:

People fear they will lose their job.

they fear they will lose a friedship.

they Fear will Lose a relationship.


What's your favourite reason to lie?

credit by : sankalp.kumbhar

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